Editing Services

Editing Background –

I bring 15+ years as both an English Major, and technology Consultant. I have knowledge of music software markets, operating systems, midi and audio protocols, interapplication and O/S routing, available tools, Daws, apps, and am active on prominent social media forums. I have taught Composition at the University level, and have served on the Technical Advisory Board for CSO Magazine (Chief Security Officer) 2009 a Current, where I have also published articles on project management.

Technical Background:

As a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon I focused on software econometrics, finance, software development models, patching-economics, and Organizational design and implementation. I attended CMU on full scholarship. As a consultant I have over 10 years experience designing IT systems in every market segment, based on conducting risk assessments.

I have authored a graduate school curricula, and courses as a Lead Subject matter Expert for cybersecurity, and public policy.   I have a strong knowledge of governance, legal and liability considerations, and specifically the O/S specific developer requirements for apps and software, allowed behaviors, pricing requirements, and update policies, along with nominal questions of IP property rights, liability, Eula’s, privacy law, analytics, SLA’s, outsourcing, and the like.